Besides the wear of acid on tooth enamel, a strain of bacteria called Streptococcus Mutans is a danger.PP Bottle If you need to give them something to soothe them while they’re going to sleep, make it water. The entire time that they have the bottle in their mouth, or go to sleep with uncleaned gums and teeth, they are exposed to the danger of early childhood caries.

Being a parent or a caregiver to a young child is not an easy task, and we want you to know that at Clayburn Dental Center, we’re here for you and your children, at every age and every stage.Seeing one of these cases is something every family dentist dreads.
As an Abbotsford dentist, it's upsetting to see children who suffer from Baby Bottle Syndrome, especially when it's completely preventable. One of the ways Mums get their little ones to sleep is by letting them have a bottle, or by breast feeding them until they nod off.

We also offer a complementary kids tour where your little ones can enjoy our dedicated play area, get to meet the friendly dentists and dental staff, enjoy a chair ride while they get to hold a dental mirror and play with the water squirter. When they leave they get to take a goodie bag home filled with dental care products which you can be sure they’ll enjoy at home!

Our kids tour prepares your child to look forward to returning for their first dental exam giving them a fun introduction to our dental office and their Abbotsford family dentist.

Many Mum’s are surprised when their children’s dentist tells them that besides water, almost everything else their child drinks, including breast milk, contains sugars, which if left on the gums and teeth can cause serious, infectious decay. This type of bacteria is very aggressive and can be transmitted to babies by their mothers if their mothers have untreated dental issues. By giving them water in their sleep time’ bottle or by cleaning their teeth and gums before they fall asleep, you’ll avoid the risk of Baby bottle syndrome. As soon as they’re old enough to brush their teeth, be sure they develop the habit of brushing after meal time or drinking anything other than water. This article will help parents avoid this issue and learn how to ensure their children's teeth are not compromised at an early age.

Although Baby Bottle Syndrome is easily prevented, it's also easily caused. When you have a little one, sometimes getting them settled or to sleep can be quite a challenge.

While this can PP Bottle be a big help, it’s also a huge danger, because it’s the primary cause of early childhood caries - or tooth decay - also known as Baby Bottle Syndrome.

To prevent this happening, every time your child drinks or eats, be sure to clean their gums and teeth with a damp cloth. It can demineralize the tooth enamel which weakens it allowing cavities to develop. We’re happy to have our orthodontist or dentist advise you about your child’s dental health