There are many definitions for water cooler and widely influenced by different manufacturers who’s seeking competitive advantage in the market. I will simply define it as a process or actions to cool and dispenses water’ for drinking. Water cooler is different to water cooling, the latter used largely in industrial sector to remove heat from reactors etc. Since early 20th when refrigerated dispensers first come to market, demands for water coolers have gone up in terms of acquisitions from office and home consumers.

Drinking fountain is mostly present in every corner of our society such as schools,offices, public parks, malls, and hospitals etc. Before the emerging of cosmopolitan cities, drinking fountain was exclusively available to well off citizens for architecture design purpose.

Drinking fountain; what does it mean? A fountain was directly derived from Latin which simply means fons’ or fontis’ a source or spring. Historians put it down to innovation where drinking water can be supplied or accessible by people.Throughout the history, different generations have helped to reshape and ensure drinking fountains are here to stay; from time of Romans, Moorish, King Louis XIV of France and Muslim garden designers.

Although, there are increasing number of companies especially small to medium size offering buy or rent model to customers. The recent research by zenith shows that 46% of new customer’s intake Hollow Bottles by small to medium size companies, it is important to know what is the reason behind this change.

Is any case for good water cooler? The recent Ebac white paper on water cooler argues that because of the explosion of the water coolers in the market, it’s important to offer customer value for money. Customers have leverage to shopping for the best water cooler rather than settle for first come, first serve approach.There is no sign or evidence to suggest that water demands in offices or homes will diminish for a long time to come, Zenith(2009) predicts water consumption from water coolers in UK alone will reached 560 million by 2010’. At the moment, there are far more water coolers in China than the whole of Europe.

There is obvious challenge to water coolers manufacturer, increasing demands both at homes and offices to install bespoke water coolers. The customer’s service must going in line with water cooler product, not enough to develop the product but ensure it meets Glass Cosmetic Jars customer’s requirements and expectations.

There are two models currently offer in the market for water coolers, a. Bottle-less water coolers and b. Bottle water coolers. What is the different between the two?The obvious answer is in their usage or definitions. Take for example. Bottle-less water coolers is known to connect directly with a water supply into installation point,whereas the bottle water coolers require someone distribute it or collect it from the installation point. For example, most offices in UK, have mounted water cooler that directly connect to supply and henceforth, run a refrigeration component to chill the supply water. There are other forms of water cooler in the market, in the end; it depends on customers’ preference, cost and space available.