CleverCash.rnrnAlthough credit card debt is an unsettling topic to discuss, it is essential that pre-college teens are educated about the pros and cons of credit cards and the intricacies of exactly how they work and potential traps.  It is also important to ensure the Visa Debit Card select can be frozen instantly if the card is lost or stolen.rnrnTo limit the amount of debt college-students graduate with, it is recommended that credit cards are avoided and Visa Debit Card adopted.  This way, students still have the convenience of shopping online and over-the-phone without spending money they do not have.As soon as students step foot on college campuses they are bombarded by credit card companies who have erected funky teen-targeted promotional booths, and are distributing free caps, t-shirts and water bottles all in an attempt to entice students to sign-on for their company’s credit card. 

The lure of being able to purchase online and over-the-phone, in addition to credit limits far greater than the amount of money they have in their bank account is very attractive, especially to those who have left home for the first time, and have new found freedom.  The credit card seems like the only available option, however it is not; the smarter option for the next generation is a Visa Debit that has no fee for card delivery, no fee for card orders, no fees for maintenance and no fee for inactivity. When researching for a reputable Visa Debit Card, potential cardholders should look for a card with minimal start-up costs like the card offered by www.  Some employers even peruse credit reports as part of their promotion process.  rnrnA study conducted by credit reporting company Experian, using data from 3 million college students credit records, over a 5 year period indicated that credit card debt has risen 24% from 2001 to 2006, to an average of $5,781.   A Visa Debit Card allows users to do everything they can do with a credit card except spend money they do not have..  Cardholders can also use their Visa Debit Card at over 5000 locations worldwide, have 24/7 access to their own online account and they don’t need a bank account.  If properly informed about alternative money card options, students could save themselves from a bad credit report, not to mention debt they could be paying off long past their graduation ceremony. 

They are surprisingly easy to apply for and the only pre-requisite is that users are over 18. Students who opt for alternative options such as a Visa Credit Card could use their time at college to build a good credit history, which will become very important post graduation when applying for an apartment or financing a vehicle.  Using these figures, if students abolished their credit card and opted for a smarter solution such as a Visa Debit Card, which limits them to spend only the money they have, they could decrease their total debt by 28. rnrnVisa Debit Cards look exactly like credit cards, but they help the user manage their money more wisely.  The Visa Debit Card sets college students up with the option of graduating with minimal debt, a good credit record and their degree.6%.  In addition, students have an average student-loan debt of $14,379, equating to a total average debt of $20,160 by the time they graduate.