Just like any other industry, the coffee industry thrives by profits and earnings. It is time to evolve our coffee trend to start drinking a healthier gourmet coffee, known today as organic coffee. There are coffee bean resellers that are claiming their coffee is organic, but always check for the certified organic label. And as we may already know by now, there is more sophisticated known as organic coffee or gourmet coffee.

A word of caution for those of us switching to this new trend to be sure the organic coffee is certified organic. Aside from the health benefits that organic coffee has for our health, it is no question that choosing organic will also helps our environment. As a country, we've been putting off the change for decades as we've come to realize we need pet cup to do what is better for our bodies and the environment. We don't realize this poses a threat to the health of those of us who drink coffee, especially if we are drinking coffee everyday.Most of us are big coffee drinkers. Some people have started losing weight and earning a great income from this huge organic coffee industry, such as http://www. This is because organic coffee doesn't use the harmful chemicals that regular coffee farmers do.

The United States is the largest coffee consuming country on earth. We love our cup of Joe, but it's time we make a disposable plastic cup shift in our coffee buying habits; organic coffee is the way to go.IGetPaidToDrinkCoffee. In order to increase their annual harvest of regular coffee beans, the farmers and coffee producers use huge amounts of herbicides and pesticides.com. The coffee industry currently exceeds over $70 Billion annually with over 400 billion cups of coffee poured every year. Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world next to water.. The reason why this is becoming widely popular among many coffee drinkers is that it's production is a far better process as opposed to the regular coffee we buy.