Each year, millions of dollars are spent on roses, chocolates, and stuffed animals in an effort to show affection for someone special. Are you tired of giving these same old gifts each Valentine's Day? Here are some great Valentine's Day gift ideas that are sure to please that certain someone in your life!

Wine Aerators

If you love cosmetic package a great glass of wine, but hate the time it takes for your best bottle to breathe, then you and your loved one will surely enjoy a wine aerator. These little products allow your favorite beverage to breathe as it's poured into a wineglass or a decanter. No longer will you have to wait an hour or more to experience the true flavor, aroma, and character of that special bottle.

Most of these products have a beautiful design that will compliment any table setting and the results are palatable. The one quality you should really look for in an aerator for wine is one that you simply place it on top of the glass. As the wine is poured through and down the curve of the glass, all of the flavor and character is released. With a fantastic price tag attached, your sweetheart will simply be thrilled at the end result.

Two Handed Huggers

What a novel idea! If you just can't get enough of holding hands with the special person in your life, then check out the Two-Handed Hugger. Sometimes, it's just too cold to walk while holding hands, especially if you don't have gloves. This product takes care of that problem! An extra large, very snuggly mitten allows both people to hold hands inside and keep them warm and away from the elements. While it's probably not something that you'd want to wear everywhere, this is one gift that's sure to warm the heart as well.

Heart Shaped Kitchen Sink

What an unusual way to show your partner you're thinking of her all year long. This stainless steel heart shaped kitchen glass bottle company sink, made by EDDA, is a beautiful addition to many kitchen or bathroom decors. Make sure you're in her thoughts even when she's just cleaning up from a fantastic Valentine's Day dinner!

Other Gift Ideas

There are a number of other unique ideas, but some you may simply not be that into, such as a heart shaped car, his and her adjoining commodes, and even a two-person T-shirt. However, you'll know you didn't just stick with the traditional with any of the above Valentine's Day gift ideas!