Stainless steel water bottles for kids and adults are made up of food grade BPA free steel. This is harmless to the health of the human beings as it doesn't react to any kind of food material such as tea and coffee, cold drink or normal water. Generally, filtered water bottles remove 99.99% contamination such as bacteria and fungus and dust from the water, making it fit for consumption. You can use the kids' stainless Perfume Jars for storing warm or cold milk for the infants without any health hazards. The filters work well for one whole year and eventually wear out.

A varied number of steel water bottles are available such as: stainless steel water bottle with loop cap ava pink 25 oz, stainless steel water bottle with loop cap black shadow 25 oz, stainless steel water bottle with loop cap silver express 25 oz etc. The steel bottles are more resistant towards bacteria comparison to the bottles made from other materials.

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