Or crack some glow sticks and drop them in the Plastic Cosmetic Jars for a colorful glow.Applying the paper. Using a paintbrush, coat the bottom of the container with glue and stick the cut piece of paper on the bottom of your lantern. With your hand in the jar or holding the neck of the bottle, apply glue to the sides.

Stick the papers, overlapping the bottom and each other, around the whole container until it is covered.Cutting the tissue paper. Choose the color of tissue paper for the body of your lantern (orange for a pumpkin and white for a ghost?). Cut out a piece of tissue paper that will fit on the bottom of the container.

Ives Apricot Scrub: “I’ve used this for years. I want a new face. This one looks really old.”Many industry critics think all these plastics are a bit much. “It’s so immensely curious how stupid modern packaging is,” William McDonough, a designer and sustainability guru, told a greenbiz.com reporter a few years back.

To McDonough and like-minded critics, flexible plastics, especially the newer multilayered films, are another excess of a throwaway society. They are much harder to recycle than the simpler metal, paper, and glass containers they replace. Too many of the new materials end up in landfills or bobbing around the ocean. And they make it all too easy for people to simply discard things without a thought to the damage they are doing to the planet.