When 20/20 approached Yale University School of Medicine's, Dr. Stephen Edberg, on the advice of the International Bottled Water Association, he told 20/20 that bottled water is not necessarily safer or healthier.However, one thing the investigation ascertained after interviewing many consumers, was that bottle water does taste better than tap.

But when you consider that people pay between 240-10,000 times more on a gallon of bottled water than they do tap, one would imagine that they would want more than better taste - they'd want a guarantee of safety. But as you are about to find out, there is very little in the way of a safety guarantee coming your way.

Bear the following in mind about the bottled water industry:The FDA exempts about 70 % of bottled water from it's safety standards because their rules only apply to brands which are packaged and sold outside of the state in which it is produced.The FDA exempts carbonated water and seltzer from its bottle water safety standards and applies only flimsy sanitation rules to these products.


Pet Bottle Manufacturers in China rules for bottle water safety is much weaker than the EPA's safety standards for tap water even though more than 50% of the American population consumes bottle water.Certainly, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence that the FDA is letting water bottle suppliers off the hook where safety is concerned. And it must make you wonder if suppliers aren't taking advantage of this slackness.