Benitez in the amount of Inter Milan at the exhibition, the problem is clear: to make too much weight on the driver control systems and are not in offensive efficiency, "Eto'o dependency syndrome" is Midfielder limited attack. Benitez course record that Gaokaidizou Inter, Cup record of the case, league record can then be described, a trip to the Cup Inter won the first inversion of Rome Italian Super Cup, followed by Atletico finished explosives, missing six winners, the league, in the first round draw with Bologna, Inter with the Football National Teams has won three consecutive titles, and put the points in the first position was short-circuiting 5 minutes from Milan, but in the end November, continues with the invasion of injuries, team morale frustrated Inter Record waterfalls, a wave of negative 1 3 wins, 2 to send the Nerazzurri complete ranking leadership position, remains connected to the fight championship Club World Cup in two places in the league, and soaring Milan, Inter 13 points left on the other, it seems to catch up Milan basically destroyed hope.

After his return from winter vacation in Milan with the World Cup Football Shirt clubs in the state of various, led by Leonardo Inter League three times, while Milan Allegri pace is slowed, reduced by only 3 games to win 2 draws against the Inter lead to 9 points when the two and Inter can win every race meeting means that the difference in points between the clubs in Milan, just 3 points, the league champion, which in turn played the situation analysis confused and overall team of two now, the future of the race, among other factors, Inter Milan a big green light is not impossible.

But during the Christmas season coaching change
The AC Milan the other came, Antonio Cassano, the collision has slowed the pace of Milan is, of course not responsible for Cassano, bad boy, the release of three eye-catching enough, but apparently not doing a good job Allegri Ibrahimovic Pato, Romania Bini Ao and the use of Cassano with the absence of injuries coupled Boateng and Seedorf in Milan slump to comply stumbling, still has to mature before the winter break, "Boateng + Iran + cloth Pato" Trident system is destroyed and difficult to convert many of his teammates in a short time. But Leonardo is able to recognize these problems and to transform today's perspective, this effect is positive, has three Tieyao Inter Stankovic, Motta, Esteban Cambiasso three six goals and 3 assists, Samuel Eto'o is still on a three day growth ball 4, but Diego Milito is clear, even with the power of the radio transmission, again, not in possession of 6 Inter Milan, but scored 12 in four ball games, marking rate of over 15 Benitez over 20 goals, Leonardo Inter injected new look, and Inter Milan return to the harmony room dressing, moving the team before another major with the Inter Milan Football Shirt is to continue to protect .

And the need to emphasize is that Milan, the half-won, despite the title, but he scored 40 points, but 20 teams in Serie A game in which one is the worst advantage of Milan is not absolute, other words, once the leading cause of Inter Milan with the Inter Milan Football Shirt 13 points, not because of how the performance of the Rossoneri, but Inter poor performance.